Dayar e Ishq mein apna Maqam Paida - Ghazal Urdu

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Dayar e Ishq mein apna Maqam Paida

Bal e Jibril - 151 

Dayar e Ishq mein apna Maqam Paida

Dayar e Ishq mein apna Maqam Paida

London mein us ke hath ka likha howa phla khat ane par
On receiving his first letter in London

Diyar e Ishq mein apna maqam paida kar
Naya zamana, naye subha o sham paida kar

Build in love s empire your hearth and your home
Build time a new a new dawn a new eve,

Kuda agr dil e fitrat shanas de tujh ko
sakoot e lala o gul se kalam paida kar

You speed if God give you the friendship of Nature
From the rose and tulips long silence weave,

Utha na shesha garan e farang ke ehsan
Sifal e hind se meena o jaam paida kar

Do not take favours from the foreign glass makers,
Create wine and glass from the your land only
(Do not be beholden to the wests artisans

Seek thy sustenance in what thy land affords)

Main shakh e taak hun mari Ghazal hai mera samar
Mere samaar se maie Lala faam paida kar

I am an small part of a broader view my peom is my essence
From my essence create wine with fragrance of tulip.
(My Ghazal is the essence of my life blood

Create thy elixir of life out of this essence)

Mera tareeq Ameeri nahi faqeeri hai
Khudi na baich ghareeb, main naam paida kar

My ways are not wealth but poverty
Do not sell selfhood creat honour in poverty
(My way of life is poverty not the pursult of wealth

Barter not thy selfhood win a name in adversity)

1.Alttought Iqbal use the word ;ishq; which translates to Love in conjunctions
with'Dayar' which Translates to the place of this does not necessarily mean that iqbal means love literally or in the world of love.
2. Muqam can mean status name identity making a mark or place for thyself?
3.Zamana can also translate to ere
4.Sakoot e means silent lala o gul is the name of a flower

5.Sheeshah giran e means the one who  breaks the mirror 

Poet :  Dr Muhammad Allam Iqbal